Sister Petunia goes Sabbatical

Oh my !  What good news I have, dear ones.  Yours truly just started a well-deserved Sabbatical from all the busyness of life.  The word Sabbatical reminds me of the word Hysterical….not one or the same.  But they rhyme.  As sexual and menstrual.  As love and dove.  As Vagina and Regina.  My Sisters in the Convent have just notified me that my request for Sabbatical has been approved.  Yeah !  I am happy and I am sad.  But the overwhelming feeling is JOY.  JOY is the name of the game.  The name of my game in the world.  After all, I am a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, aren’t I?

I know it sounds crazy, but the life of this little tropical flower in human flesh has catapulted deeper (ummmm, I like that word) into the realms of JOY and turned up for the better.  I did not know it was possible for a human being to have access to an Infinite fountain of JOY….and, well, now I have found it.  Actually, I have known this source of JOY since I turned 18 — a bunch of years ago.  I just did not know that it was JOY.  I thought it was just LOVE.

Want to know more about how I accidentally ran into it?  Keep reading, baby dolls.  Now that I have more time to reflect and enjoy my mature years as a gay nun in North America, I would like to share with the world a few things that wise people learn in different ways, through different paths, different journeys.  Not that I am a bit wiser….I am becoming wiser…not just by having lived in two different Continents, speaking two languages, but also from life experiences, which lay in the border of the Transcendent and Sacred.  Yes, Spirituality — the universal capacity of Human Beings to relate to other things — has become one of the most important sources of JOY for me. Not the only one, though.  I am not sure now.


I cannot help but write from my own perspective on things, ideas, concepts.  I am a human being….a human being having a life in the flesh and in the spirit, mortal and immortal, sinful and divine, delicious and vicious, with a tremendous capacity for doing good and evil.  I know myself as a man, gifted with a life-giving penis, who happens to be gay, but I do know that I am HUMAN.  I am the Son of a Man and a Woman.  I am who am.  This makes me One with the Divine and One with the Carnal or Material aspects of this amazing Universe.  I am not separate.  I am ONE.  I AM.

Do you want to hear a bit of the story about how these thoughts and experiences came into being and emerged into awareness in my conscious mind? Read on, babies.  You are up for a treat.

Sister Petunia Encarnata

Mistress of Novices’ Heaven

In the last few months, the Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe Society (Official name of the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence) has experienced a tremendous growth in membership — an incredible number of new members have joined our ranks:  Novice Sister Visa DeKline, Novice Sister Koo-Koo Kachoo, Novice Sister Lucy Caboose, Novice Sister Lois Price, Aspirants Randin, AJ and Pesi. We are grateful and humbled by their unique talents, beauty, and skills they bring to the Abbey.  C’mon girls, let’s ring out our JOY!

Sister Alma B. Itches, our Reverend Mother, has recently posted in our blog an article about our new members titled THE THIRD WAVE.  Please do not miss it.

Please join us in our celebration of the first 5 years of our foundation in Vancouver!

All My Relations!

New Members – The Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe

Hello my little deviant and delicious ones!

It is my pleasure to digitally introduce to our beloved international community the most recent members of our Abbey in Vancouver.

Postulant Pebbles has been active in our Abbey for quite a long time but it wasn’t until recently that he decided to let his wings take him to new greener pastures of joyful deviance and unparalleled debauchery, along with faithful and trustworthy love and passion for community service.

In addition, we are happy to receive our new Aspirants Mark, Brandon, Allan, and Tim.  Mark is a delightful young man, who couldn’t stop his call to spreading Universal Joy any longer and he finally submitted himself to the Masters of the SPI. <evil grin> He declared his aspirancy in November 2013.  Brandon, on the other hand, is a fun bearcub, who just by being himself spreads joy and laughter.  Allan (Koo-Koo Kachoo) and Tim (Lois Price) joined in January and February, and they are as delicious as they can be.  Welcome to the Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe!
That’s all for now, little deviant ones. Keep up the inspiration and the good work. This world needs you!

PPaladin Pebbles

Sister Petunia Encarnata has a Blog!

The South American Little Flower is at it!  In her continuous effort to get her voice heard, Petunia is now delving into the fun and beauty of blogging.  Thanks to the WordPress folks, her online presence is now stronger and clearer than ever — and yes, you now can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and now on WordPress.

Watch out world!!  Petunia is a Fully-Professed Nun of the Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the Vancouver Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe and she is committed to spreading universal joy, getting rid of stigmatic guild and serving her community.  Please visit the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at

Thanks, everyone!